Gender pay gap report


Our UK Gender Pay Gap Report sets out details of our gender pay gap and what we are doing to address it.

At Aggreko, we power progress by delivering energy anywhere.  We have customers in over 80 countries who rely on us to help them achieve their energy goals. We can only do this with a team that reflects their diverse needs.  We know that having an inclusive organisation makes our company stronger, and that is why we are committed to valuing difference in Aggreko.  While we have seen improvements in some areas relating to gender, we obviously need to continue to make this an area of focus, building our leadership capability, continuing to reinforce our culture and review our people management processes.  I continue to be confident that over time, these activities will be reflected in the shape of our workforce and, consequently result in a reduced gender pay gap.” 

Blair Illingworth,  Chief Executive Officer

Our UK Gender Pay Gap Report sets out details of our gender pay gap.  The results reinforce the need for us to continue to target actions that will generate lasting change. For 2021 we are placing further emphasis on inclusion, focusing on leadership and culture, as well as specific people management practices.

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