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Upgrade worker facilities to avoid strike action and subsequent downtime

A nuclear plant in England, employed a large workforce to ensure the smoothest of operations. With a large workforce comes other demands. One of these is a facility to dry their work clothes, which can become soaked after a shift.

The existing changing rooms were not initially adapted for this task. The thermostat was used to raise the temperature in the room, but this made spending any time in there, an uncomfortable experience.

No drying facilities meant that the workers had to put up with inhospitable conditions in their changing rooms. This couldn’t continue and strike action was on the horizon if this couldn’t be settled. The nuclear site operators needed a rapid solution to a problem that started off as an inconvenience, but now threatened to derail construction.

Aggreko already had a presence at the site, and we were primely placed to lend our expertise to a sticky situation.

Project fact file

3000 metres

Total amount of cables

12 x


4 x

320 kVA generators

50 pages

Size of equipment delivery plan


THE solution

Heaters, dehumidifiers and expertise to connect two buildings

A load on demand package would maintain the temperature and humidity for the new drying room, which was the old changing rooms. This comprised 12 dehumidifiers, four fuel tanks, four generators, eighteen panels, 12 heaters and assorted transformers. 

This couldn’t be solved with a simple case of installing equipment. There was the small matter of the large amount of cable needed to ensure the perfect environment for drying workwear. After extensive planning, 3000 metres of cable would be put into place.
This would run through working locations such as busy offices, so safety and expertise was fundamental to guarantee the perfect installation.


We always bring a dried and tested solution


THE impact

Build continues as strike action is avoided

The original deadline was moved forward as the workers union had told our customer that if the facility wasn’t put in place within a certain time, strike action would be the repercussion. That would result in hefty losses, but thanks to our experience, our modular
equipment and working closely with our customer, we enabled the drying rooms for the workforce, swerving any potential delays and keeping targets on track.

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