Client Runwild Events

Location London, United Kingdom

Sectors Events

The challenge

Chill the ice rink and keep the skaters warm

Runwild Events wanted to create a real-life outdoor skating experience. Logistically there were a few obstacles: the ice-rink was large but the space for equipment was small, there were installation weight limitations, and they needed enough power to light up a Christmas-worth of fairy lights, power a sound system and warm the bar for after-skate festivities.


Project fact file

5 heat chillers

To chill the rink and heat the bar

5 months

Ice rink operational

The solution

All-in-one heat pump chillers heat and chill

We saved on space and load weight by using an all-in-one system that supplied both the heating and chilling. Four of the units were used to ice the rink and the fifth supplied internal heating for the bar area and skate exchange areas. The heating was also used to melt the area during melt down. The fairy lights and PA system were powered by one of our tailored packages.


The aggreko difference

Our team of experts are market leaders in chilling ice rinks.

The impact

Smooth-as-ice entertainment all winter

Our technical team overcame all the logistical difficulties and limitations of the ice rink to deliver a magical, winter-wonderland experience. The chiller kept the ice firm and slush-free from October through to February. They also kept the entertainment areas warm and dry. Runwild’s reputation was enhanced by creating a drawcard attraction.


“Aggreko's proven experience with ice rinks, and their technical knowledge and equipment made them the perfect partner for this project."

Mark Griffiths Venue Operations Manager ,
Runwild Events

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