Client Large International Conference

Location Dubai

Sectors Events


Provide sustainable, modular and reliable back-up power for critical event areas

Some events require a multi-faceted approach and this applies to a large-scale entertainment event taking place in Dubai.

Upwards of 25 million will flock to experience this very special spectacle and a TV audience will also be able to marvel at the sights on show.

With an audience of this scale and with the entertainment looking to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever – this requires a power source with zero room for error. A back-up system is necessary, one that can kick in at a moments notice and provide the event organisers the peace of mind that comes with 100% reliability.

The event is aligned with a sustainability theme throughout, so not only does the power source need to be dependable – it needs to cut emissions too, in comparison with a regular, diesel-only system.

Lastly, the site has a small footprint and so any equipment would have to be modular at its core.

There aren’t many energy companies who could fulfil these demands – but Aggreko isn’t just about energy…


12 MW of clean, quiet battery power and an ingenious site setup

Our team have ample experience working on comparable events and quickly devised a solution that ticked the boxes.

To deliver a cleaner back-up power package, we deployed 12 MW of our battery energy storage systems, working in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This is a rapid, clean and reliable solution that gives this huge event the back-up it needs, but with sustainability at its core.

The site space only allowed around 50% of our solution to be on site, but our team worked with the client to develop a double layer system with units at ground level and installed on a platform above. This meant there would be no compromise on whatever was necessary to deliver the complete, cleaner back-up power. Being so close to the main entertainment area also required a limit on noise emissions, but with our energy storage, this would never be a problem.

There was one other factor to take into consideration. Temperatures in the location are expected to hit highs of 45oC. The answer to this is a dedicated HVAC setup for the battery systems, meaning the solution is primed and ready whenever necessary.


Our power raises the curtain on the biggest stages

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Event will wow millions and enjoy reduced emissions

To deliver a reliable contingency plan is one thing. To deliver a contingency with reduced emissions is another. And to do this, as well as cut down on noise pollution and deploy it with space constraints – right next to the venue’s main entertainment area?

That is an almighty task. But when these tasks arise, it is comforting to know there are answers. Answers like Aggreko Event Services.

Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to handle any scale of event. And our cutting-edge technology gives you best-in-class power, heating, cooling and energy services. The result is a solution for any event, any scale, anywhere in the world.

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