Client Ice World International B.V.

Location Amsterdam, Olympic Stadium

The Challenge

To install 6000 metres of hose underneath 8500 metres of ice

The main challenge of this project, was to install the hoses underneath the specially designed floor for the speed-skating world championships, lasting for 12 weeks. The difficulties didn’t stop there. The customer needed a remote control unit so the customer has full and centralised control over our equipment.

Project fact file

11 chillers

WCC800 (8,8 MW)

22 pumps

WCC800 (8,8 MW)

6,000 m

Of hoses

8,500 m

Of ice

The Solution

Special 120m hoses without quick-fit connections, and a bespoke control unit

We got to work and ordered special 120 metres hoses for this project without quick-fit connections, so we could install them below the floor for the period of the event. We also obtained a bespoke control unit designed by Bram Vorster including a web application for the customer with different user levels


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The Impact

The World Speed-Skating Championships were able to put on a show for spectators

To guarantee optimum ice conditions under all circumstances according to ISU guidelines, the ice rink is divided into 11 individual tracks, where each track can have an independent glycol pressure and flow. We designed the system in a way that these tracks can be visualised and controlled in a centralised location, but also online through a web page. Experts were able to view and change parameters and receive important system notifications remotely. It meant the sport could go ahead and spectators could enjoy the show.

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