Client Seapoint Productions GmbH & Co. KG

Location Bocholt, Germany

Sectors Events

The challenge

Provide quieter, optimised power for two TV filming locations

A television production company were filming their latest project and the site was to be split into two filming locations.

In order for the lights to shine brightly and the cameras to keep rolling, a reliable, modular power supply would need to be delivered.

There was one more element to the equation. The customer needed the power supply to kick in and also cut out quickly on demand. Without this, the production could be hindered, running costs higher.

An experienced power partner would fit the bill. One that knew the unique demands of the showbiz industry.

The Solution

Load-on-demand power to reduce fuel use and mobile, modular power to fit backstage

We collaborated closely with the TV production company and we swiftly devised a solution that would meet all demands of this project.

After testing our power package at our depot and on site we deployed three of our 125 kVA generators. They would be synchronised, with one acting as a master generator. When power demand peaked? The other two would rapidly switch on and produce the necessary energy. Our fuel management service and load-on-demand delivered exactly the level of power that the customer required, every step of the way.

With our equipment also coming in standardised containers and optimised for noise levels and space demands – it meant that our solution could be deployed without delay. We also put in place a contingency to ensure the TV set always had what it needed.

The best part? With the solution being synchronised, it allowed fuel usage to be reduced, reducing costs for the customer as well as the stress of finding a power partner who could take care of every need they had.

The Aggreko Difference

Lights, camera - power!

The Impact

Less noise, less fuel used and less space taken so customer can create TV magic unhindered

Filming was wrapped in time and our power solution hummed in the background as the cameras whirred.

Our ability to deliver not only the adequate power necessary for our customer to complete their project – but to do it in the most optimised way for fuel, cost and noise emissions?

That is how Aggreko make a massive difference. We partner our customers through every stage of their project – so you can concentrate on your core business.

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