Client Stockholm Live AB

Location Stockholm, Sweden

Sectors Events

The challenge

Freezing a multi-purpose pitch for bandy final

Bandy is like ice hockey, but played on a rink the size of a football pitch. It’s big in Sweden, where the Tele2 sports arena hosted the final. With events either side, the giant ice rink needed to be installed and frozen in super-fast time. And it needed to be quiet too, so as not to disrupt the neighbours.

Project fact file



72 hours

Fluid-off temperature reached

-16 ⁰C

Installation window

The solution

A range of modified chillers and low noise panels to keep local residents happy

Our technicians modified six 800 kW and two 400 kW chillers and added two specialist very low temperature chillers to maintain a constant fluid off temperature of -16⁰C. They monitored them round the clock for reliable, constant cooling, despite low noise panels creating surrounding temperatures reaching 40⁰C.

the aggreko difference

We created the chilled atmosphere your sport demands

The impact

Excellent icy conditions for the bandy finals and happy local residents

The ice was in optimal condition for the final, watched by thousands rink-side and on TV – and all within the 72 hour agreed timescale.

"The Aggreko team provided a great level of expertise and gave us peace of mind that they could design and install and comprehensive, complex chiller package. They also succeeded in reducing noise levels to meet stringent environmental standards, something we had not managed to do in previous years – which was an added bonus".

Conny Hakansson Head of Real Estate Operations ,
SGA Fastigheter AB

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