Client Arena Ice

Location London, UK


Ice, power and heating for an isolated ice rink in Tower of London

It’s not easy supporting an ice rink in the moat of an ancient castle in the centre of a capital city. Yet that’s exactly what we needed to do for Arena Ice. 

There was little space for our chillers and they couldn’t be moved once craned into place by the rink.

A well-designed back-up cooling plan was crucial, should one of the chillers fail.
Power needed to match the heating and cooling demands dictated by the weather.

Project fact file

400 kW

Cooling capacity

3 x 350 kVA

Load on demand generators

6 km

Of power cable from generators to rink

The solution

A heat pump chiller not only provided heating but also contingency cooling. Load on demand generators provided flexible power

We installed a heat pump chiller and internal fan coil units to heat the ice bar, café and skate exchange venues.

We also plumbed the heat pump chiller into the main cooling system so it could provide additional emergency cooling if either of the 400 kW chillers required it.

We put three 350 kVA generators in the Tower Garden on a load-on-demand set-up, so they automatically turned on and off to economically meet the fluctuating power demands.


Working with us is a smooth experience

The impact

Reliable and economical power, heating and cooling in one package that delivered iconic ice rink

Logistical challenges were overcome with one robust plan that ensured heating and cooling for a winter event.

Providing fail-safe power, heating and cooling for the ice rink took the heat off the customer, so they could concentrate on managing their event.

"Aggreko’s team worked hard to ensure their equipment was installed at the site as efficiently and trouble-free as possible. It was imperative that their unloading was done efficiently and to plan at this iconic location. Despite the site’s logistical challenges, the technical design allowed us to deliver an amazing experience for our customers. The Aggreko team are highly skilled, very experienced and a joy to work with." 

Rebecca Owen Project Director ,
Arena Ice

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