Client Cérélia

Location Hoerdt, France

Sectors Food and drinks

The challenge

Replace a faulty heat exchanger in double quick time

Cérélia is a leading French pie dough manufacturer. The delicious doughs – puff, shortcrust and sweet shortcrust – are rolled out at their Hoerdt production facility and then transported around France. When a flaw in the facility’s heat exchanger halted production, the company had to act fast, so we were called in to assess the problem. Right away, we could see that the CO2 condensation loop had failed on the NH3 side of the high-pressure CO2 /NH3 loop.

Only two of the three coils in the loop were being cooled. Our task was to work out a way to cool all three coils. And we had to do it quickly.


Project fact file

-20 °C

Minimum temperature of chiller

16 bar

Pressure in the heat exchanger

5 months

Rental period

The solution

A chiller and heat exchanger delivered and installed quickly

It wasn’t long before we’d come up with a plan to get Cérélia back up to full production. We replaced the entire CO2 condensation loop with an 800 kW chiller and heat exchanger, using a glycol solution to cool the CO2. The system reached a very chilly minus 20°C. Cérélia rented our cooling system for five months. It gave them plenty of time to test our model and work out the optimum operating ranges for a permanent system.


the aggreko difference

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The impact

Cérélia continued their pie dough production and avoided lost earnings

The pie dough facility was up and running again in no time; France’s insatiable appetite for delicious pastries was assured. For Cérélia, the swift response ensured that minimal money was lost during the halt in production. The rental model also gave them the chance to test and validate the system before committing to a permanent investment.


“Aggreko worked extremely fast to design and install the cooling system for Cérélia. The end result was a highly efficient and reliable system that met their specific targets.”

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