Client Food manufacturer

Location Carlisle, UK

Sectors Food and drinks

The challenge

Food producer was in hot water over without cleaning capabilities

Washing down food production equipment needs hot water, so when the boiler started to malfunction at a leading food manufacturing plant in northern England, it put the whole production schedule at risk.

A temporary hot water heating package was needed to ensure a constant water temperature of at least 50oC so equipment could be hygienically hosed down between production cycles.

Project fact file


500 kW boiler


Buffer tank

50 ⁰C

Constant temperature needed

The solution

Boiler produced hot water to get clean down process up and running

Our engineers designed a system that ensured water reached up to 65oC.

It comprised a 500 kW boiler, pumps and a buffer tank that acted as a water tank cistern. Mains water entered at 4-5oC and continually circuited through the boiler to reach 65oC before being pumped back to the tank.

The hot water was then pumped from the buffer tank on demand. If the level dropped then a ball cock ensured the tank was topped up.

The boiler heated the water to 65oC to ensure it was maintained at 50oC at all times, even during periods of high and/or prolonged demand.

the aggreko difference

We’ll get you out of hot water when your own equipment lets you down

The impact

A good clean plan to maintain production

The food manufacturer received a guaranteed hot water supply for its clean down processes. This meant that food production could continue unhindered to meet schedules.

The water flowed at optimal temperatures until the site’s own boiler refurbishment was complete.


"Our innovative boiler package proved to be a great solution for our customer - allowing them to continue production with minimum downtime".

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