Client Large-scale Dairy Producer

Location Udine, Italy

Sectors Food and drinks

The challenge

A potential production problem for dairy producer

Milk around the world follows certain processes before it reaches the fridge in our homes – and that is no different for our customer, a large dairy producer in Udine, Italy.

The milk arrives direct from farmers inside tank trucks and the next step involves a bacterial elimination cycle using a centrifuge crafted for this purpose.

The centrifuge also separates the milk from the cream, which is stirred in refrigerated tanks at a chilly 4oC.

To produce and maintain this temperature requires a fair amount of equipment and our customer had this covered, but when it came around to maintaining the hydraulic pipes that were an intrinsic part of the cooling process – a cooling intervention was needed to help keep production pumping.

Project fact file

800 kW

Cooling capacity

1-4 Degrees Celsius

Temperature maintained

The solution

Comprehensive cooling solution while critical maintenance continues

We were called to deliver a dairy cooling solution that could reliably maintain precise low temperatures and we needed to do it quickly. The temperature that had to be achieved for the duration of the project was between 1-4oC and there was little room for error.

Our devised cooling package consisted of two primary hydraulic circuits with propylene glycol and two secondary units of pure water. This included a chiller, heat exchanger, glycol water pump, glycol buffer tank, flow meter, three-way valve, insulated flexible pipes and a water pump. The chiller could dependably produce glycol water at -5oC and the heat exchanger could produce pure water at 1oC.

That meant that the dairy production could keep rolling.

The Aggreko Difference

Our cooling is the cream of the crop

The Impact

Cost savings and production maintained

Thanks to our swift temperature control measures, our customer was able to maintain the milk storage temperature and keep the production departments conditioned.

In addition, our chillers helped reduce electricity consumption. We collaborated with them closely to ensure we adhered to their thermal load, so our solution would only kick in when necessary, rather than just continuously - saving cost through efficiency.

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