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Keeping vessels in peak form when laid up in dock

Client: Shipping contractor

Location: Leith, Scotland

Sectors: Shipping

The challenge

Preventing corrosion by controlling temperature and humidity levels

A leading seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services contractor had to lay up four of its survey ships in Leith Docks.

Salt water and humidity threatened to cause corrosion, condensation and freezing, which would damage the ships and their sensitive technical equipment on board.

Project fact file

Desiccant dehumidifiers to control humidity 12
Heat pump chillers for hot and cold air 4
Of temporary power generation 1MW

The solution

Heat pump chillers and dehumidifiers to pump hot and cold dry air

We installed four heat pump chillers to provide hot and cold air to control the temperature. We also installed 12 desiccant dehumidifiers to produce conditioned, dry air to keep humidity at around 50 per cent. 1 MW of power kept it all going.

The impact

Four ships remained in top condition for future use when needed

By controlling the levels of humidity and temperature, the vessels were kept in tip top condition – no rust or risk of deterioration of the assets – so they could be recommissioned quickly, when needed.

"We understood the importance of keeping the vessels in tip top condition and worked hard to adapt our kit to suit the changing outdoor temperatures throughout the project".