IWD Interview with Annie

Annie's Interview collage

How would you describe your role at Aggreko?

I work as a ServiceDesk Analyst at Aggreko. I’m mainly responsible for general IT related issues/requests.

How would you define women empowerment?

Women empowerment to me is living and working in an environment where I can express my ideas freely and to act on issues that I think are important to me as a woman. Being in an equal society.

What would you tell your younger self?

Study harder, play later. Spend wisely, save more.

What do you consider female attributes?

I find women are more gentle, caring and thoughtful. We can multi-task efficiently and manage day-to-day tasks effectively.

Who is your biggest influence in life?

My mum. I’m just an older version of my mum. As I get older and wiser I think about what she taught me when I was young a lot and managed to follow most of it!

Why do you think it’s important to have International Women’s Day?

I think of women and men equally and it’s good to see that we live in a country that views gender equality as an integral part of society. There are some issues that concern women that still needs to be addressed, so this day will provide a great platform to acknowledge these issues. It’s also a wonderful way to honour the women in our lives.

What message would you like to leave for men and women on International Women’s Day?

Cherish and love the women in your life.

What are you looking most forward to about the event?

That people are aware of the day and its significance. To promote this day to everyone!


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