21 Sep 2017

Five reasons why you should consider load-on-demand power when hiring generators

men and construction site with generator
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    Ben Vincent, Construction Sector Manager

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5 reasons you should consider load-on-demand generators

Load-on-demand is a smart solution that provides constant, reliable and efficient power.

This scalable, fully automated solution utilises several smaller kVA generators to power the same peak demand as one larger unit. However, when the site’s demand falls, the surplus generators can be turned off. 

There are a number of reasons why load-on-demand solutions are beneficial – read on to find out more:


1. Ideal for fluctuating power demands

Power demands of a building, project or construction site can often be variable, fluctuating up and down during operational and non-operational times.

If one large generator is used to service the maximum load requirement, which only occurs once or twice a day, the rest of the time it will run at an inefficient lower load, consuming more fuel and costing more to service.

Using load-on-demand generation, smaller generators will power the site. The fully automated system switches the generators on and off as the power load varies. Then only the power needed is generated.

2. Noise Control

Using a load-on-demand solutions helps maintain lower noise levels when the site’s power demand drops and fewer generators are needed.

3. Emissions reduction

Using smaller generators to load share rather than a single larger generator helps reduce carbon, PM (particulate matter) and NOx emissions, helping to improve your environmental credentials and hit any targets your company may aspire to.

4. Reduced fuel consumption and improved cost efficiency

As the load-on-demand generators switch on and off automatically to only produce as much power as the site needs, this can be much more fuel efficient. This may lead to fewer fuel deliveries to site and consequently savings in fuel costs.

5. Increased resilience and flexible servicing options

As two or more generators are employed in place of one larger one, load-on-demand also offers improved reliability and security of the power supply. If one generator was to unexpectedly fail, the site will still receive a power supply from the other generators, reducing potential downtime and cost.

In addition, load-on-demand also allows maintenance of individual generators without interrupting the power supply. One generator can be taken off line for routine servicing whilst the other generators meet the demand. Sites are often reluctant to switch off the power during normal working hours to facilitate routine servicing and can incur out-of-hours servicing costs. Load-on-demand overcomes this issue.