10 Sep 2017

How Aggreko is supporting decommissioning in the oil and gas industry

Decommissioning rig power
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How Aggreko can support decommissioning in the oil and gas industry

The offshore oil and gas industry in the UK has seen a large increase in the anticipated cost of decommissioning and there is now a considerable drive across the industry to look at reducing its cost.

Whether the operator considers piece small, piece large or one-lift topside removal, temporary power and temperature control solutions have a valuable part to play in the decommissioning process.

How can Aggreko help?

Bespoke solutions: 

In assessing decommissioning strategies, there is no one solution that works for every case. Each platform needs to be considered individually and the pros / cons of each methodology assessed against the specific platform conditions.


Aggreko has many years’ experience in working with the oil and gas industry and works with operators to provide reliable and cost efficient temporary power and temperature control solutions during the removal, re-use or disposal of the growing number of redundant oil and gas installations that are being taken out of service and decommissioned.


Aggreko helps operators to ensure essential decommissioning work can progress despite environmental conditions or contractor delays in order to meet the current North Sea OSPAR 98/3 regulation of total removal of the substructure and recycling of topsides.

Flexible and scalable:

With a rental solution you have the flexibility to scale your power or temperature control needs up or down, depending on the power demand at a specific point in your project, or the seasonal climate changes that affect the level of heating or drying required.


Application examples

Re-sale and re-use of plant and equipment

This must be considered well in advance of Cessation of Production (CoP). Aggreko’s heating and drying solutions help preserve valuable assets and keep equipment in optimum condition to enhance their re-use or re-sale potential. This avoids equipment that could be re-used falling rapidly into disrepair and consequently becoming unusable. By maintaining a stable temperature, multi-million pound technology, such as sensitive electronic equipment or topside accommodation blocks, can be kept dry and free from condensation and spoilage.

Power for lifting equipment

It may be that existing platform cranes have limited capability, lack rig power and/or may be in need of costly and time consuming repairs. An alternative (in addition to heavy lift vessels) are self-erecting tower or pedestal cranes that can be deployed relatively easily on a platform. Temporary power generation can be used to supplement existing power or act as prime power for the operation.

Alternative Decommissioning – Rig to Reef (RTR) programmes

Where a decision is made for a more economical and environmentally friendly solution, where the structure is not entirely removed from the sea but left in situ, Aggreko can provide temporary power and temperature control solutions to protect/preserve/maintain basic equipment to enhance its re-use potential.

Environmental Impact and management

One of the key impacts being considered during decommissioning is energy use and emissions. Aggreko’s loadbanks can be used to test all engines, generators and combustion plant to ensure they are working efficiently to minimise energy use and gaseous emissions.