30 Nov 2019

How to meet changes in demand in manufacturing

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Meeting changes in demand is a challenge most manufacturers have to deal with. An overall increase in exports caused by a rise in global demand means that business is booming, but do all businesses have the means to keep up with demand? 

Either way, we can help. Let us talk you through the ins and outs of changes in demand and how your business can benefit from it in the best way possible. 

What causes a change in demand?

It sounds obvious, but understanding what causes a shift in demand is essential for your business’ growth. So to break it down for you, here are some of the key points to consider when understanding what causes a change in demand:

  • Social factors. The social climate can have a huge impact on the manufacturing industry. If the average income has significantly dropped, then demands will decline and vice versa. Are there any trends in your industry right now? If so, it could lead to a consequential shift in the volume of goods that people want. 
  • Political factors. Much like the above, the political climate affects how much demand there is for manufactured goods. With changes to things like trade and freedom of movement, there may be fluctuations in demand.  
  • Seasonal changes. Each new season brings new challenges. In winter for example, when energy demands increase, excess capacity charges are put in place making it more difficult for businesses trying to keep up with demand. 
    The core takeaway? These changes in demand factors are all indefinite and constantly varying. The social, political and seasonal climate will always change. So to keep up, ensuring flexibility with your energy supply is vital. 

How to keep up with demand

Now the factors that cause changes in demand have been identified, what can you do to counter them? One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep up with demand is to make sure you have the right amount of energy and reduce limitations. 
With standard, fixed energy plans, amending them to align with demands can be a time-consuming and strenuous process. The answer? Flexible power generator hire. Here’s how Aggreko can help you keep up with demands:

  • Scalability. Whether demands have increased or decreased, simply scale your energy up or down to receive the optimum amount of power and voltage for your business – with no extra charges. 
  • Time saving. With Aggreko’s temporary generator hire, there’s no need to re-negotiate your fixed energy plan. On standby at 18 different locations near the UK’s biggest cities and in the countryside, simply use our power generators as and when you need them. 
  • Money saving. Fixed term contracts leave no room for variation in your business’ energy usage. So to avoid more costs, Aggreko’s temporary generator hire allows you to use off-grid energy during peak periods without facing triad charges. 
    Interested in knowing more about how Aggreko can help your manufacturing business? Learn more about how you can increase your capacity in manufacturing in our Manufacturer’s Guide To Powering Up Capacity eBook.