20 Dec 2019

How to prepare for power outages in manufacturing

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Planned outages are unavoidable in the manufacturing sector. But that doesn’t mean they have to affect your production continuity. If you ensure you have the right amount of capacity to deal with planned power outages in advance, you can pick back up where you left off. 

So if you’re wondering how to prepare for power outages, we can help. Discover the different ways we can help with any upcoming power outages and the benefits for your business. 


Here’s how to prepare for extended power outages

If this is something that has slowed business down for you in the past, rest assured that Aggreko can put the systems in place to prevent that from happening again. Find out how we can help you out below:

  • Identify the most vital loads that require power. If the outage isn’t planned for scheduled maintenance of equipment, decide on the most critical equipment in order to reduce the potential loss on business, and communicate this with our expert advisors.
  • Use rental power generators. With our rented power solutions, you won’t have to spend significant chunks of time on renegotiating costs with your grid energy suppliers. Don’t worry about working out the best plan for you, our team of experts will do that for you. 
    Not just power you need? We also offer heating and cooling generators so your production line won’t be affected by any planned power outages or scheduled maintenance. 

  • Use decentralised energy solutions. Need power longer term? Our decentralised energy solutions offer just that. When you need to bridge the energy gap simply choose a long-term package, you’ll receive instant access to the exact amount of energy you require. 
    o  The options you can choose between include; gas generators, combined heat and power solutions, or energy storage. 

The benefits of using Aggreko for your power outage plan

If you’ve used any of the above steps when preparing for upcoming power outages, you might be wondering: what advantages does this have for my business? Learn more below: 

  • Reduced downtime. If you have the right backup power in place, this will reduce machine downtime and subsequently prevent a further loss of revenue. 
  • Reassurance of compliant machinery. Planned an outage for scheduled maintenance? If any equipment was non-compliant, you’ll have the energy you need for starting up again once it’s replaced. 
  • Save money on energy. With rental power solutions from Aggreko, there’s no need to radically up the cost of your energy plan for a planned outage. By renting your power generators or heating and cooling equipment, you can choose the exact amount of money you’d like to spend – with the option to scale power up and down as and when you need it. 

Would you like to know more about how to prepare for power outages and other factors that affect your production continuity? Learn about these features and more in our Manufacturer’s Guide To Powering Up Capacity eBook  – download for free today.