Low Temperature Chiller Hire

Low temperature chiller hire at Tele2 arena

Very low temperature chiller hire for specialist applications

Reach temperatures as low as -45°C with an Aggreko chiller

Our low temperature chillers are modular in design, able to fit a number of size requirements, and can be engineered to specific process cooling or cold storage applications.
Our very low temperature chillers (VLTC) are efficient, economical, and unique to the rental market, so if you rent a low temperature chiller from Aggreko, you’ll benefit from industry-leading innovation.
Our ultra low temperature chillers are designed to meet cooling reequipments between the -10°C and 45-°C temperature range, making them perfect for industrial use. Designed to provide continuous low temperature, our low temperature chiller hire options are suited to a variety of applications – from manufacturing to food production.

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Chiller hire for ultra low cooling requirements

If you need a low temperature chiller than can handle extreme cold for sustained periods, we’ve got you covered.

Our very low temperature chillers are capable of significantly lower temperature set-points and at higher capacities than standard chillers.

Practically, this means you’ll need much less equipment to reach much lower temperatures, posing economical and environmental benefits.

Rent a low temperature chiller from Aggreko

Our range of very low temperature chillers are highly versatile, meaning you can rest assured that you’ll find an Aggreko chiller to meet your needs. 

Installed and monitored by experts, our low temperature chillers can be deployed to work with very low temperature air handles to deliver cold storage and temporary freezer applications, as well as being effective for low temperature process cooling.

At Aggreko, we’ve got decades of industry experience working with very low temperature chillers. As such, our team of engineers can support you at every stage of your project - from conception to completion. 

After a site visit to assess your needs, they’ll design and custom setup, factoring in your needs, before commissioning low temperature chillers with minimal disruption to your business.

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