1.2MW Twin Power Pack

Our first containerised, dual-certified genset is also our most versatile.  The 1.2MW twin power pack, includes two generators, packaged in a 20ft container, providing fuel efficient, low emission power to add energy resilience to your operations.

Whether operating on 50Hz or 60Hz, in an emissions regulated market or not – our 1.2MW twin power pack makes it easier for companies to start their energy transition journey whilst maintaining a commercial advantage.

Data is based on 50 Hz. For more information please request a data sheet. 

Key Data

  1. Rating
    1200 kVA/kW

Fuel Consumption

  1. 100% prime power
    50 Hz - 274.0 l/hr
  2. 75% prime power
    50 Hz - 205 l/hr
  3. 50% prime power
    50 Hz - 141 l/hr
  4. Fuel Consumption (L/h 100% load)
    0.247 L/kWhe

Noise Data

  1. Sound Pressure at 7M

Physical Data

  1. Weight (kg)
    16850 kg
  2. Length (m)
    6.06 m
  3. Height (m)
    2.89 m
  4. Width (m)
    2.44 m


  • Extremely efficient twin 16-litre engines
  • Meets T4F/Stage V regulations 
  • Multi-fuels options - diesel, GTL, HVO and B10
  • Common busbar output and a central point of control
  • Flexible start and stop logic
  • Differential pressure sensing on the fuel filters
  • Anti-moisture air intake louvres
  • Arc flash detection and added LED lighting 
  • Variable speed cooling fans 
  • Longer oil change intervals 
  • 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM)


  • Greater fuel efficiency – reducing consumption,  CO2 emissions and costs
  • Low emissions reducing CO2, PM and NOx
  • Truly versatile, the power pack can also fine-tuned to different applications
  • Reduced downtime with extended service intervals
  • Operating in load-on-demand mode increases service intervals further
  • Condition-based monitoring avoids unnecessary technician visits
  • Withstand a range of ambient conditions - hot, cold or humid
  • Quieter with reduced noise at lower loads and in lighter ambient conditions
  • Simpler maintenance minimises downtime
  • Protects generator set from damage, helps identify and rectify faults before they occur

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