82 percent of UK businesses describe power continuity as a major or significant concern.

How robust is your power contingency plan?

The reliability on the UK’s energy has never been put into question more. As power cuts continue to dominate headlines, the ripple effect this can have on data centres, the healthcare industry and manufacturers could be significant. In a recent survey of 200 UK energy decision makers, Aggreko found that 82 per cent described power continuity as a major or significant concern. However, as many as one quarter admitted they did not have a plan in place. And even if a plan is in place, it is not guaranteed that it will able to be implemented.

In our latest industry report, you can find out what the key challenges are for your business.

  • The problem in numbers
  • Why a contingency plan is imperative
  • What considerations you should be thinking about
  • The impact a contingency plan can have on your business

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