High performance Stage V generators for ultra-low emissions

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High Performance. Low Emissions.

Now you can minimise emissions while maximising performance.

Our new Stage V 600kVA generators are fully compliant with the European Commission’s Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) to cut harmful pollutants. They work in the same way as the cleanest car engines, limiting carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter to provide efficient temporary power in ultra-low emission zones.

What is Stage V?

Introduced by the EU, Stage V (Regulation 2016/1628) is an emissions standard for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) with spark/compression ignition engines. It aims to reduce emitted particulate matter and reduce harmful substances. It is an evolution of previous standards and requires controls, such as diesel particulate filters, to be applied to new NRMM.

Setting a high bar in ultra-low emission zones.

As the rest of the UK starts to follow London’s lead in creating low and ultra-low emission zones, it’s critical that Stage V temporary hire power solutions are readily available. To meet this urgent need, we started designing and manufacturing our own. Not simply following the standard, but setting it:

1. Installation of a Diesel Particulate Filter reduces fine diesel emissions.

2. Selective catalytic reduction systems reduce NOx emissions.

3. Added injection technology further neutralises harmful particulates.

4. Diesel Oxidation Catalysts reduce CO2 emissions through oxidization.

5. UK’s first hire company to design and manufacture our own Stage 5 engines.

Helping you meet your emissions targets.

When it comes to measuring your emissions, the whole fleet across an entire project must be monitored.

Need advice? We’re happy to help. Our experts will do the calculations and advise how our new Stage V generators can add high performance to ultra-low emission zones. Just get in touch today.

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