Client Science Museum Group - National Railway Museum

Location York, UK

Sectors Contracting


Provide rapid heating to ensure museum doors stay open

The National Railway Museum forms part of the Science Museum Group and tells the fascinating story of rail transport in Britain.

The Great Hall is where the priceless exhibits are located, but the Museum building could suffer a failure of their heating system, plunging the temperatures of the Museum. This means the restaurant would have to close, as well as the Great Hall where the exhibits are stored.

Without these amenities, the income for the museum could be hit severely, with a potential future risk to the artefacts themselves

The Solution

Seamless, adapted and modular heating solution


We started the work on the provision that we would have the correct equipment on site and commissioned within just ten days.

With the Museum being located between two low level bridges, access to the site would be tricky. We devised a heating package that would replicate their current system, but with a host of improvements.

Firstly, we modified two 500 kW boilers so the fuel source would be gas, cutting on emissions and enhancing the efficiency.

We also used four 200 kW air handling units, so the existing ducting network of the Museum could be used, instead of altering the aesthetics of the building and increasing cost.

With our equipment fleet being mobile and modular in nature, we were also able to navigate to the site without any problems, ensuring the deadline was met.

The Aggreko Difference

Rapid and tailored temperature control to keep you on track

The Impact

Railway heritage protected


A precise temperature of 19-21 degrees Celsius will be maintained thanks to our heating package, meaning the Museum could keep The Great Hall and the restaurant open to guests.

The potential risk to the priceless pieces of rail history – a drop in temperature would result in increased moisture, resulting in possible degradation – will be avoided too with our swift solution.

"We understand that when your business needs emergency heating solutions, time is of the essence. The last thing you need is a delay, that's why we've built reliable boiler hire equipment that is flexible and can be deployed quickly."


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