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View of a Server room data center - 3d rendering

Powering a data centre with a cleaner, reliable Greener Upgrade

Client: Data centre

Location: United Kingdom

Sectors: Data centres

The challenge

Power resilience in case of mains power failure.

Our client, an essential Government data centre, set us a challenge.
To provide an immediate back up power solution for the on-site DRUPS (Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply) units that had been constantly malfunctioning - compromising uptime, costing time and money.
The solution would also have to be cleaner and greener to reduce emissions as much as possible.

Project fact file

Backup power 100%
Bunded tanks 2 x 3000Litres
Connecting cable 50Metres
Full support 18months
Stage V generators 2 x 500kVA
Modern Server Rack on a Beautiful green landscape with clear blue sky stock photo

The solution

A standby-mode temporary power package.

We analysed the site requirements to propose a fully designed standby-mode temporary power package. Consisting of two 500kva Stage V generators, two 3000 litre external bunded fuel tanks, 50 metres of 150mm2 connecting cable and cable ramps.

Since DRUPS are very expensive per to maintain and repair, our temporary power package was contracted for an indefinite hire period to provide stability to the DC in the event of a mains power failure.

Our engineers set up the generator MCCB settings for both the short break boards and no break boards, while volt-free connectors were installed to provide a start/stop run command.

We managed the cable installation and commission of the temporary power package including final connections, circuit testing, earth testing, and certification by an Aggreko nominated Electrical Contractor (18th Edition). We also agreed to provide all engineering resources for the decommission and deinstallation on termination of the hire agreement.   

The impact

Resilient power for over 18 months.

Challenged to provide sustainable and reliable standby power, we used Stage V generators as part of our standby power package.
Our Stage V generators are fully compliant with the European Commission’s Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD). Operating in a way that limits carbon, monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter to provide efficient low carbon temporary power for the data centre.
Our temporary solution was so successful that it was still on-site 18 months later. Delivering peace of mind energy resilience, while helping to reduce emissions and costly repairs on-site.

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