Client Major international oil and gas operating company

Location Alexandria, Egypt

Sectors Oil and gas


Engineering, delivery and operation of various load bank and temporary power packages to enable the commissioning and early operation of two major gas processing facilitie

The customer required a trusted partner to engineer, deliver and operate various temporary power and load bank packages to be used during the commissioning, testing and early operational phases of two large central processing facilities as gas was brought onshore and processed for export to market.

The competency of the supplier was paramount. This project was high profile, extremely technically challenging and in a region where logistical problems are daily challenges. For the majority of the project, the site still had ongoing construction taking place. Aggreko would also be depended on for the main power once first gas was achieved, this was until the customers Gas Turbines could be commissioned and load tested

The customer required a partner who understood the risks and complexities of commissioning a project of this scale and shared their safety culture to ensure all workers went home safe at the end of each day.


10 MW

Total power provided

2 x 6 MVA

Resistive/reactive Load Banks for Gas Turbine testing

0 LTIs

& 1 HSE award for safest subcontractor


5 distributed power packages in various configurations specifically designed for this project alongside 2 load bank packages ensuring maximum operation and zero downtime

Aggreko’s engineering team was engaged early by the customer. They jointly designed the power packages and load banks with enough flexibility to ensure that operations would not be interrupted even if loads changed and timelines were adjusted. Aggreko offered staggered mobilisation, ensuring that the customer was only paying for the equipment that they needed at that time and had on site

The Aggreko Project Management team worked with the customers logistics team to ensure seamless mobilisation of the plant. Our operations personnel had experience of oil and gas commissioning projects and understood that flexibility was essential in performing for the customers dynamic timelines and tasks.

The five power packages were engineered to match the predicted loads of various areas of the plant during commissioning. By providing various configurations of 500 kVA, 800 kVA and 1250kVA diesel generators in each package, the sets were all able to run in parallel, allowing our team to match the number of running sets to the load. This ensured maximum fuel efficiency

The sets were also fitted with Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) allowing our personnel to minimise movement around the busy site as they could monitor numerous key operating indicators from the central control room. ARM significantly reduces the number of unplanned power outages by automatically raising alarms in event of overheating of parts, low fuel levels or when batteries loose charge.

Aggreko also provided two load bank packages. All units required thorough testing individually at various step loads - from 10% through to 100% - over a 24-hour period to ensure they were mechanically sound.

During this period, the load provided by Aggreko needed to remain consistent and available, if not, the test would need to be restarted - delaying commissioning and increasing the fuel cost.

At each load-step, the transient response and effect on voltage and frequency needed to be measured and recorded to ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s specification.

Once each individual turbine has completed the ‘heat-run’, a second unit would be brought online and synchronised, gradually taking load from one set to the other.


The whole package – a bespoke approach, delivering success

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Aggreko’s planning and dynamic approach helped the customer hit tight commissioning deadlines

The customer needed an experienced partner who had a detailed understanding of their business and requirements while being able to engineer solutions for both power and load testing needs. With our global knowledge, and local experience of operating in Egypt, Aggreko proved to be the perfect partner.

With zero Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) and an award from the customer as the safest subcontractor on site Aggreko delivered an excellent service allowing for the customer to focus on achieving their tight commissioning timelines. The happy customer has now contracted Aggreko to provide similar services on two other major projects in their pipeline.

The Aggreko team have played a significant part in the projects’ first major milestone. They have performed to a consistently high standard and we are very pleased with the performance to date.

Project Commissioning Manager

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