Client Synthetic crude plant

Location Alberta, Canada

Sectors Petrochemical and refining

The challenge

Temporarily replace the main air blower

Our customer, operators of a synthetic crude plant, were on schedule for a planned overhaul of their coker unit. But then a week before they started, the main air blower for the furnace went down.

This threw their plans into disarray. It meant the coker had to shut down prematurely and it was unlikely the air blower would be fixed by the scheduled coker restart date. The result: significant losses for the company.


Project fact file

18 days

Temporary system uptime

150,000 SCFM

Oil-free air supplied

33 MW

Power supplied

C$70 million

Losses avoided

The solution

A system to blow 150,000 SCFM of oil-free air 

We provided air compressors that delivered 150,000 SCFM of oil-free air, 33 MW of power, 2000 tonnes of cooling tower capacity, 56 pieces of electrical distribution equipment and low-voltage 480 V cable. That’s a lot of equipment and power to coordinate, so we assigned a senior engineer as project manager and placed our technicians on site to manage activities 24 hours a day throughout the upgrade.

In conjunction with plant personnel, we also coordinated the mobilisation, installation, and commissioning of all phases of the project.


the aggreko difference

Technical support and engineering solutions, not just rental.

The impact

18 days of backup saves C$70 million

Our temporary system operated for 18 days, without interruption, until the main air blower was bought back online in a seamless transfer. Those extra 18 days of operational time were worth in the region of C$70 million to our customer.

The turnaround schedule got back on track, the coker unit started up on time and our customer was happy that they’d been able to fix the faulty blower with minimal impact on productivity.


“We're one of the few companies that can engineer and deploy large centrifugal oil-free compressors during a limited window of opportunity.”

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