Client Energia Argentina Sociedad Anonima (ENARSA)

Location Argentina

Sectors Utilities

The challenge

Supply temporary power to a national grid struggling to keep up with demand

With one of the highest-growing energy consumption rates in the region, keeping the lights on in Argentina was proving to be difficult. A period of strong economic growth, an increase in residential demand, and a decrease in natural gas supply put even strain on the national grid power supply. This was resulting in frequent power supply failure and outages.

The public utility company, Energia Argentina Sociedad Anonima (ENARSA), was developing plans for more permanent power. But their plans were running behind demand and quickly realised they urgently needed a solution to their electrical grid problems. They needed temporary grid power supply until the new power plants could be commissioned.

Project fact file

45 MW

Extra power added to the grid

3 locations

Where packages were installed

The solution

45 MW of power added to the grid power supply

ENARSA were suffering from electrical grid problems, and knew we had specialist experience in supplying energy packages in very short timeframes. So they called us in to cover the shortfall. Working closely with ENARSA, we provided three ready-to-go packages at three locations across the country. The units were adapted for Argentinian voltage and synchronized directly to the grid, which added a much-needed 45 MW of power to the national grid supply.

All three sites were manned 24/7 by one of our technicians, to monitor and maintain the equipment and make sure it operated just as it should.

the aggreko difference

Our years of experience give us the advantage of understanding power systems and helps our engineers to design all aspects of a reliable power package.

Our Difference

The impact

Economic growth continued due to relief from power supply failure

The three packages stabilised the grid and provided immediate relief for local communities and businesses. In the short-term it allowed Argentina to surge ahead with its economic development without the uncertainty of power supply failures. 

In the long-term it allowed ENARSA to concentrate on future plans for a permanent supply without worrying about the here-and-now demands of power consumption. 

Because we managed all aspects of the temporary power plants from initial assessment and design through to installation, the customer was able to dedicate time and resources to bringing their permanent power plants online.

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“We chose Aggreko as our temporary power supplier due to their ability to adapt their equipment to our voltage frequency and PF control applications, as well as providing power in both grid and island mode.” 

Santiago Pierro Director ,

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