There to ensure uninterrupted viewing

Live TV depends on reliable, uninterrupted power. A second of blackout is unacceptable and broadcasters can lose credibility and millions of pounds in revenue if their feed goes down –especially during an important live broadcast, such as a general election, political debate or referendum, or a sporting final.

Powering a BBC production trailer

Charity shows, like Children in Need, Stand Up 2 Cancer and BBC Sports Relief have the same demands. In fact, every TV and film producer, regardless of what they are working on, just expects the peace of mind that their show will air without a hitch.
That’s where we come in.

For more than a decade we’ve been supplying reliable power and temperature control for a list of TV programmes and movies so lengthy that it reads like an entertainment guide.

One of our first movie projects was Harry Potter. Imagine the scale of that movie – hundreds of performers, film crew, lighting engineers, costume and make up, catering staff – all depending on us to ensure they can get on with the job. A break in filming can cause havoc with the schedule and cost thousands, if not millions of pounds.

We can ensure that doesn’t happen by installing fully redundant power, which includes our unique fleet of twin packs – super-silent engines in one compact box, ensuring a back-up for continuity as insurance. This means if the unthinkable should happen you won’t lose time.

Helen Bishop, Line Producer for Children in Need, said: “Aggreko have provided the power for Children in Need’s infrastructure on site for the last three years. “Children in Need is a seven-hour live telethon that has a complex set-up for the footprint on site at BBC Elstree. The BBC has been very happy with Aggreko and the service they have provided."

Think of a recent blockbuster, and chances are we would have provided power and temperature control – James Bond, Fantastic Beasts, Star Wars, The Huntsman, and many superhero films from Warner Bros, Marvel and the likes, keeping key performers cool and comfortable, especially while dressed in prosthetics on hot stages.

Drama, entertainment, reality TV shows, blockbusters, televised sports events and current affairs producers get the same peace of mind –knowing they can get on with the filming and leave the power and temperature to us.

Whether we’re supplying Disney with a small towable generator for a couple of days or 1250 kVA generators for weeks for a major production on the backlot at Longcross Studios, every job gets exacting attention to detail – plug and play distribution systems, containerised super-silent fully-redundant twin packs, heaters and chillers and a team of dedicated and experienced Aggreko technicians and engineers who know how important it is to keep the show running smoothly. 

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