02 Nov 2017

White paper gas powered generation for data centres

Gas generator at data centre

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As our experience in the data centre sector broadens, we’re constantly working on cost efficient and innovative solutions to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

Our latest white paper looks at how gas generators can plug the gap between grid power supply and demand.

The need for off-grid power

Finding suitable sites for data centres can be a challenge - logistical, financial and geographical factors all have to be considered. But even when these boxes are ticked, often a site can be disregarded as it doesn’t have an adequate electricity supply to power and cool its facilities.

A data centre will add significant electrical loads to existing electricity infrastructures. Often local distribution networks will need to be upgraded to cope with a new data centre build or expansion. And this will often add time and considerable cost to a project. Invariably, delays occur while the electricity network catches up with its new demand.

Temporary gas generation

Our latest white paper looks at how temporary gas generation can provide power to sites with no grid connection or an inadequate supply. Temporary gas generation offers an effective and reliable solution, providing the power needed to enable new or expanding data centres to become operational – from construction and commissioning to their eventual day-to-day running.

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