05 Jun 2018

Aggreko Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Governor of Chukotka Region

Aggreko signs Memo of Understanding with Chukotka region of Russia
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Stephen Beynon, Managing Director of Aggreko Power Solutions, and the Governor of Chukotka region, Roman Kopin, met at St. Petersburg Economic Forum to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on combined heat and power generation for Bilibino city and the Chaun-Bilibino power centre, so as to compensate the abandoned capacity of the Bilibino Atomic Power Plant, which had reached the end of its useful life.

The capacity of the project is estimated as 24 MW of electrical and 70 MW of thermal power with total investment of more than 6 billion Roubles.


Roman Kopin, Governor of Chukotka Autonomous Region, said: “Chukotka is the most Northeastern part of the Russian Federation, located entirely within the Arctic zone. Conditions typical for the Far North, meaning hazardous temperatures, a low density of population and expansive territory, are the norm here. Extreme reliability and high quality of power and heat generation are crucial to the life of Chukotka residents as well as for creating favourable infrastructure that will enable new production facilities, diversify the industrial mix and provide jobs.”


Aggreko specialises in modular mobile power and temperature control solutions that include both traditional power generation such as gas, diesel and HFO, combined heat and power generation, as well as advanced technologies such as renewables and battery storage.


Stephen Beynon said: “Russia is one of the fastest growing business units of Aggreko and a strategically important territory. We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work closely with the Administration of Chukotka Autonomous Region in developing a solution that can have a positive impact on both the local community and the industry.”