Low Temperature Chiller Hire

Low temperature chiller hire at Tele2 arena

Very low temperature chiller hire for specialist applications

Reach temperatures as low as -40°C

Aggreko's Very Low Temperature Chillers (VLTC) are unique in the rental marketplace. Designed to meet all cooling requirements in the -10°C to -40°C temperature range – they’re ideal for providing continuous low temperatures.

When you need to hit very low temperatures you need specialist chillers and technical expertise. Modular in design, they can fit infinite size requirements, and can be engineered to specific process cooling or cold store applications. 

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For ultra low cooling requirements

Our very low temperature chillers can achieve much lower temperature set-points and at higher capacities than standard chillers. This therefore means we need to utilise less equipment to reach your required temperatures. For projects where space is at a premium this can be very beneficial.

Our low temperature chillers can be designed to work with very low temperature air handlers to deliver cold storage and temporary freezer applications. But they’re equally as effective being utilised for low temperature process cooling.

Whatever your challenge, our team of engineers will be with you at every stage of project. They’ll visit your site, assess your needs, then design, size and commission our chillers with minimum disruption to your business. Their aim is to ensure you hit the temperatures you need – day in and day out.


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