1500 kVA Diesel Generator 

Diesel container generator hire for emergencies and planned projects

Our 1500 kVA container diesel generator hire service can assist with your planned or emergency power generation requirements. Ideal for large-scale, high and low voltage applications - a 1500 kVA generator offers flexible, portable power.

Data is based on 50 Hz. For more information please request a data sheet.

Generator shown may not be representative of equipment available at the time.

Key Data

  1. Fuel Type
  2. Fuel Capacity (L)
  3. Prime Rated Power (kW / (kVA))
    1120 (1400)
  4. Fuel Consumption (L/h 100% load)

Physical Data

  1. Weight (kg.) With Fuel
  2. Width (m)
  3. Length (m)
  4. Height (m)


  • Generators enclosed in custom-designed ISO 20' or 40' steel containers.
  • Modular in design for optimum project design flexibility.
  • Super-silent sound attenuation levels without compromising performance.
  • Range of transformers and high and low voltage supporting equipment available.
  • Supported by a highly-skilled and experienced team of engineers.
  • Container design delivers enhanced security, durability and ease of transportation by road, rail, sea or air.


  • Suitable for high and low voltage projects, up to and including 33 kV.
  • Can be easily scaled up or down to meet specific and changing project needs.
  • Cost effective load-on-demand functionality with automatic stop/start to minimise fuel consumption and optimise cost-efficiency
  • Optional fuel management service to remove the hassle of organising fuel purchasing and delivery.

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