The Challenge

Keep rig systems and equipment protected and powered during cold-stacking

Cold-stacking a rig entails a complete shutdown where operations are put on idle.

A leading offshore drilling company was keen to avoid damage to equipment on their rig from corrosion and contamination while was cold stacked for three years. It would need power and controlled temperature and humidity equipment. Power was also vital for the rig's emergency processes and services, and it needed a solution that was reliable even out at sea.

The customer needed a partner to provid a solution that would take care of all of the above - in an offshore environment that would make logistics a true test. 


Humidity and temperature kept in check with modular equipment and offshore expertise

Our mobile, modular equipment is ideal for offshore locations – and we have decades of experience in the sector to ensure a smooth delivery of our
bespoke packages.

We devised a dehumidification and temperature control solution to regulate dry-bulb and relative humidity, which would preserve the equipment, carpentry and furniture on the rig while systems were idle.

We also provided a diesel-fuelled generator and made sure that our temperature control and the rig’s emergency systems stayed powered during this period, so our customer could have peace of mind that everything would remain online.


Operating costs reduced and drilling rig protected thanks to precise temperature control

By keeping the rig at an optimal, precise temperature of 24°C and a relative humidity of 55%, sensitive electronic equipment that maintained vital rig functions were protected. It also meant other parts of the rig such as carpentry and furniture remained free of mould and bugs.

This reduced the amount of maintenance and servicing that was required, reducing the drilling contractors operating costs. 



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