Client International Oil and Gas Major

Location Gamba, Gabon

Sectors Oil and gas


Replace inefficient gas turbines with a reliable alternative using available APG

Our customer, an international O&G Major, operates a major onshore terminal, which processes and stores oil produced from its offshore fields.

The aging gas turbines at the terminal were inefficient and unreliable. The cost of maintaining them had increased dramatically over time and the unplanned power outages not only impacted production of the facility but also caused a sharp increase in flaring of gas.

Fuel loading operations and life support for the personnel are reliant on a stable and constant power supply to the terminals and the main accomodation camp.

The customer required an immediate solution, which allowed them the flexibility to defer investment and make an assessment of the best long term solution to use.

Project fact file

60 days

From enquiry to power on

6 QSK60

1 MW Gas Generators


Safety Excellence

No outages

Since commissioning


Rapid power, complete with backup to guarantee continuous operations and reduce flaring

Our customer needed a solution fast – so that’s exactly what we did.

Within just 8 weeks, Aggreko designed, shipped, installed and commissioned a 5 MW gas power plant designed to use the associated petroleum (APG) gas from their onshore and offshore oil fields. We also installed two diesel generators in case there was a need for a black start, so critical operations could continue no matter what.


Power how you want it, when you want it

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Smooth transition under safe conditions with no power outage leading to security of supply and reduction in carbon emissions

The old gas turbines were decommissioned and sold. The cost savings from the opex associated with old turbines and the elimination of production downtimes more than covered the cost of the Aggreko solution.

Furthermore non routine gas flaring was eliminated - reducing the operators impact on the environment. 

The savings and reliability of the Aggreko solution has meant the contract has been extended to 5 years, outsourcing the risk associated with power generation and allowing our customer to focus on their core business.

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