28 Jun 2017

Bio-diesel, batteries, and telemetry help keep Glastonbury rocking

Glastonbury Festival powered by Aggreko

Britain’s best known music festival has once again closed its gates, this year with sunny days and balmy temperatures.

The fair weather was great news for the thousands of festival goers who headed to Glastonbury, and for the event’s organisers, who again chose Aggreko to help power another great weekend of music and revelry.

“Glastonbury is the highlight music festival of the year and we’re proud that organisers have chosen us for their power for so many years,” said Chris Weston, Aggreko’s CEO.

“As ever, we worked hard to ensure our power was reliable and that Glastonbury’s venues and hospitality areas got what they needed to make a great event. This included making sure temperatures in temporary structures were kept manageable so that artists and VIP visitors were kept comfortable, whatever Glastonbury’s famously changeable weather brought.”

Aggreko has supplied power and heating and cooling to Glastonbury for 10 years and has been supplying bio-diesel generators to Glastonbury since 2009, to meet the festival's request for the use of renewable energy.

Aggreko’s 230 generator fleet on site used more than 60,000 litres of hydro-treated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel to power the event, and included some innovative, fuel saving, lithium battery storage hybrid systems. This fleet was monitored using Aggreko’s ARM telemetry system, both to ensure reliability and to assist Glastonbury with ongoing sustainability improvements through detailed data of power usage around the site.

The Aggreko team began setting up the power supply infrastructure more than a month ago. Seventy Aggreko technicians were involved in the run-up to the event, creating their own “village” within the site, with the team growing to more than 90 at its peak.

The internationally renowned festival, which first took place in 1970, and now has more than 177,000 visitors, is made possible by a small army of highly experienced and skilled people. Aggreko placed four project managers at the festival, who between them have experience of some of the world's largest and most prestigious events, including the Ryder Cup, the Open Golf Championship and the Olympic Games.
This year Aggreko also hung 50km of low energy LED festoon lighting, and site lighting with time clocks to reduce the power requirement during the day. Areas powered by Aggreko include all stages and performance areas, broadcast compound for the BBC, the market areas, the medical centre, the Emergency services compound, event control and the corporate hospitality centers.

“Glastonbury is such an iconic festival, and one we are proud to have had such a long association with,” said Jono Rose, Aggreko’s General Manager, Event Services and HV. “The pressure is always on and the weather plays such an important part in our decision making and planning – come rain or shine. It was a pleasure to have the weather ‘on our side’ this year!
“Planning and the infrastructure we built in the month before the event, are crucial to the success of the project. Our main consideration is to ensure everything is up and running optimally, and that whatever power or temperature control demands are put on us, are met effectively, safely, and efficiently.”