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Row of Blue Aggreko Chillers in Oman

Beat the Heat



Rapid cooling solutions that help you beat the heat

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, keeping you and your operations cool is crucial. Higher ambient conditions can pose a challenge and lead to equipment not operating at their best levels. Effective cooling can result in a longer lifespan for your equipment, higher productivity and less downtime.

With over 40 years of experience engineering cooling solutions for a variety of sectors including Manufacturing, Food and Beverage production, Oil and Gas operations, Refineries and Chemical plants  - Aggreko has a thorough understanding of the demanding challenges in critical temperature applications.

Whether you need a single one-ton air conditioner or a complete turnkey solution. You can count on Aggreko to resolve all of your temperature control challenges to maximise production and revenue, keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently with our zero CAPEX solution as standard.

Our technical specialists will quickly deploy equipment and monitor performance to ensure a continued, reliable service.

Air or Water-cooled chiller? What's best?



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