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Client Refinery

Location Italy

Sectors Petrochemical and refining


Cooling and power package to meet refinery water treatment regulation demands

Water treatment is complex and demanding on a refinery, effectively a balancing act of vast water consumption often with an end result of a contaminated wastewater product. 

For refineries treating both process and sea water involves many steps that change it from the original source product. Physical, chemical and biological changes are all be needed to make the product suitable for use.

For the customer, the treatment of oily contaminated water involving separation, filtration, PH adjustment and bio-mass treatment was an absolute necessity before disposal back at source.

Three applications had to be addressed simultaneously, including:
• 500 m3/h at 40°C for the new biological treatment
• 300 m3/h at 39°C for the old biological treatment
• 400 m3/h of sea water at 39°C after the physical-chemical treatments.

Available space to deploy equipment posed the first challenge, with the second being electrical area classification.

Project fact file

3 Different

Water temperatures maintained

420 kW

Provided as alternative to refinery supply

11 MW

Total cooling supply


Use of corrosion resistant and compact equipment delivered and installed by Aggreko experts

The first two applications of both new and old biological treatment saw Aggreko provide compact and mobile cooling towers providing refrigeration after filtration. The third application of the sea water refrigeration was performed with two small cooling towers which had been specially adapted by Aggreko by being manufactured entirely of plastic to resist sea water corrosion.

The common objective was to provide cooling below 34°C, the total cooling power supplied consisted of 11.2 MW. An additional challenge was the supply of the required electrical power to operate the three separate solutions totalling 420 kW, a mobile diesel generator was deployed as an alternative to the refinery medium voltage supply supported by a mobile transformer. The three solutions operated in manual mode and were constantly monitored by Aggreko personnel.


Simultaneous cooling, one result – compliant wastewater


Compliance with local regulations and avoidance of capacity turndown ensuring a safe regulatory met disposal of wastewater

For three consecutive summers the refinery managed to comply with local environmental inspections. 

Aggreko supplied power generation and distribution as well as temperature control equipment (cooling towers) and monitoring system under a single contract.

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