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Client Dobrevê Energia S/A (DESA)

Location João Câmara, Brazil

Sectors Utilities

The challenge 

A complete load test with no time to lose

Dobrevê Energia S/A (DESA) had been busy building new wind farm, Morro dos Ventos, in Brazil’s João Câmara region.

Before they could connect to the grid, they needed a thorough load test of the entire site. With no time or resources to do the testing themselves, DESA needed someone who could take care of the whole process –from supplying and installing the equipment to performing the tests and analysing the results. 


Project fact file

3.3 MVA

Loadbank test capacity

0 delays

Connecting the wind farm to the grid

145 MW

Supplied by the new wind farm

180000 homes

Powered by sustainable energy

The solution

A complete service from start to finish

We set up a testing system, including loadbanks with a total capacity of 3.3 MVA to simulate the power load effectively. The system also included generators, distribution panels, transformers, cables and fuel tanks, which we supplied, delivered and operated – meaning DESA could leave the testing completely to us. With our long-standing reputation and experience, along with ISO accreditation and uncompromising QHSE policies, they knew they could rely on us to do the job to the highest international standards.


Wind Farm Brazil

Timely testing for Brazil's new wind farm

The impact

Successful tests and connection on time

Our tests showed that the wind farm was ready to go, and DESA connected it to the local grid on schedule, supplying a total of 145 MW of power to around 180,000 homes.


“Aggreko’s technical team supported us in every way, taking responsibility for the installation and operation of equipment and successfully running the tests on our equipment. The load testing project ensured the Morro dos Ventos wind farm was 100% ready to be connected to the local grid, which is responsible for the energy supply in the region.”

Everson Jose Salin Wind Project Manager ,
Dobrevê Energia S/A

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