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Extra offshore power for output and decommissioning

Client: Offshore platform operator

Location: North Sea

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Modular power for platform decommissioning and extra output

An offshore platform operator needed to increase its well output on one of its platforms. To do so, extra water injection pumps were required, but they would need extra power for the equipment to operate.

On an offshore platform, space is at a premium and there was no additional power available for the water pumps. The platform was also earmarked for future decommissioning, so a CAPEX-intensive solution was not on the cards either.

To decommission the platform, even more power would be demanded. How could the customer obtain this extra power and enable the lengthy decommissioning process, as well as increase well production?

With the help of an offshore experienced partner.


Key Facts

Total power provided 5MW
The time the package will be installed for 12 years
Generators 5X 1250kVA

The Solution

A bespoke HV package dismantled into parts and reconstructed offshore

We worked closely with the customer to devise the ideal package that provides ample power for multiple requirements. We sized the solution for the precise requirements for the pumps and we collaborated with the customer’s pump supplier in order to ensure the process was streamlined.

Our tailored package consisted of five low voltage generators and two step up high voltage transformers. This would supply plenty of power to increase well output as well as for the decommissioning process.

The weight of the equipment far exceeded the limits of the platform crane though. Our experts were on hand to dismantle our generators and lift them into place, piece by piece, so we could begin to provide power as quickly as possible.

We didn’t stop there. Once we had tested and commissioned the solution, a 24/7 presence on the platform to monitor performance and maintenance of our package.

The Impact

Platform life extended thanks to power package

Our customer could concentrate on what mattered most as we were taking care of the power supply.

Lowered production levels would have endured losses that would have severely shortened the platform life, but we powered the pumps for five years, eventually extending to oversee the final stages of the platform’s lifecycle.

Above all, our involvement gives the customer the reliability that offshore work demands. With a power failure, the decommissioning process would stop and this would have incurred a significant cost.

Not when you partner with our expertise.

A drill ship at open ocean drilling location. Ship has helideck at bow and a double drill tower. Drill ships can drill in deeper water than many other offshore drilling platforms. They are often used for exploratory drilling as well as to drill  production wells. A type of off shore oil rig.