Aggreko can solve your power generation challenges with our 20 kVA generator rentals - whether you need power for a wedding or for a construction job. If you need to power a small tent or a major power plant, get the job done with customized Aggreko solutions, service & support.

Key Data

  1. Rating
    20 kVA
  2. Voltage Range
    220 - 240 V
  3. Fuel Type

Electrical Output

  1. Continuous Power
    16 kVA
  2. Prime Power
    20 kVA

Fuel Consumption

  1. 75% prime power
    4.3 l/hr
  2. 50% prime power
    2.9 l/hr

Physical Data

  1. Length (m)
  2. Width (m)
  3. Height (m)
  4. Weight without fuel (kg)
  5. Weight with fuel (kg)
    900 kVA


  • Bolted, galvanised, alloy steel canopy with lockable doors
  • Control panel mounted inside, viewable through glass door
  • Range of warnings and shutdowns on control system
  • Low fuel-level warning sensor in fuel tank


  • The alloy steel provides extra strength, durability and protection
  • Prevents unauthorised access without loss of monitoring
  • Protects generator set from electrical and mechanical damage, helps identify and rectify faults before they occur
  • Reduces noise to operate even in quieter surroundings
  • Aids seamless, interruption-free operation of the genset

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