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Client Retail outlet

Location Whitstable, England

Sectors Contracting

The challenge

Provide quiet power for a temporary Post Office

For people in smaller villages and towns in England, the Post Office is not just a place to buy stamps – it’s often the heart of the community, a centre for commerce, and a place where daily transactions take place. So when Whitstable in Kent needed to set up a temporary Post Office in a Portakabin while a more permanent site was found, they called on us. They needed a power supply that would minimise disruption, fit into the confined space of the Portakabin and not disturb the neighbours after hours. 


Project fact file

< 60 hours

Time the generator was operational each week


Hours of monitoring service

2 months

Servicing schedule

The solution

A generator and battery-operated hybrid unit designed for the job 

The generator was used during the opening hours when demand was high and a powerful (but audible) energy source was required. The generator also charged the hybrid unit’s battery. When the Post Office’s doors were closed at night, the battery-powered hybrid unit took over and supported critical appliances like the refrigerator, computers, and the external currency display board, with barely a peep. We also had the capacity to monitor services remotely so any disruption to power triggered a call out to local service engineers who could fix the problem immediately.


the aggreko difference

Working quietly to get customers the stamp of approval.

The impact

Energy savings went up as noise levels went down

Because the generator operated for fewer than 60 hours per week fuel costs went down. Additional savings were also made with service costs. The reduced generator time meant the service cycle only had to happen every two months, which saved money, lessened disruption for the citizens of Whitstable and reduced the carbon footprint of the generator. The battery-operated hybrid unit that took over at night meant that neighbours and residents weren’t kept awake by the buzzing and humming of a nearby high-powered generator. 


“Solving power challenges for our customers is part of our DNA, but when we’re asked to do it all quietly, that’s when some innovative thinking is needed!”

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