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Client Ice Rinks Australia 

Location Melbourne, Australia

Sectors Events

the challenge

Maintain precise temperature for ice rink and slide for prestigious charity event

The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal is an annual charity event, designed to raise much-needed funds for the hospital in Melbourne

An ice rink and ice slide were part of the planned festivities, but maintaining the required temperature would be difficult, not to mention on a tight budget. The event hinged on being able to create the ice rink and slide, but who could step in and help this worthy cause?

key facts

2 x FC200


-12 °C

Temperature to be maintained

$A 18М

Record amount raised during event

the solution

Chillers, combined with expertise and ARM to provide constant solution

We donated an extensive array of equipment to deliver the icy fun for the hospital charity.

Our FC200 chillers, coupled with pumps, 100 metres of hose, cables and a fuel tank would ensure the temperature would stay at 12oC, so the ice wouldn’t melt and the fun could continue.

We went a step further and provided our experts on site for the installation and our Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) meant our customer could keep a constant eye on the temperature and act on any changes instantly, without the need for technicians on the ground.


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Record-breaking amount raised for good causes

The event was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the ice rink and slide for the entire week of the event.

The bottom line saw the charity raise an incredible $18m – a record breaking amount for this annual fundraiser – and the hospital could benefit from the money raised.

The client was extremely happy with the entire event and equipment reliability. The inclusion of ARM to monitor our equipment allowed the client to view the system remotely without the need for site staff to remain during the critical 24 hour freezing phase. The entire RCH Good Friday Appeal event was a great success and raised over $A18M, setting a new record, and Aggreko was proud to play a part for the 3rd year in row.

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