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Client Pan-Asia leading concert producer

Location Singapore

Sectors Events

The challenge

Reliable, adaptable power world-class audio and lighting for major concert

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, one of pop music’s most popular bands was slated to make their grand return to Singapore to host their first major concert in ten years, as part of a global tour in the island city.

A pan-Asia leading concert producer was contracted with the concert delivery in Singapore. The band would generate a large demand, only the grandest stage and biggest arena locally in the form of the Singapore Sports Hub was fitting, anticipating crowds of up to 50,000.

The music spectacle in Singapore’s biggest arena required a robust and expert delivery of temporary power, with generators powering up best of class audio and lighting systems, which cost millions of dollars.

In addition, the unique design of the sports hub required an unorthodox power distribution arrangement. The concert producer was determined to deliver a flawless concert and wanted the best in the business to deliver the event power solution.

Project fact file

6 x


1.5 MW

Of power capacity

12 Hours

Of uninterruptible power



The solution

Partnership, planning and meticulous expertise to provide power in time


With our global experience in delivering large-scale events, our team of experts were unfazed by the challenge.

Our operations team partnered with the customer’s project delivery team one month before the stadium occupancy period, to understand the challenge that came from the unique staging and concert design, as directed by the band's production team.

Close partnership and expertise were the key, ensuring that a proper sizing up of the total power load requirements was determined for the most energy efficient and cost-effective solution for fuel savings, while minimising carbon footprint.

Powering up an arena of 55,000 capacity saw us deploying six power generators delivering 1.5 MVA of uninterruptible power for 12 hours. Our unique synchronisation set-up ensures backup redundancy where in the unlikely scenario that a power generator malfunctions, the redundancy backup generator kicks in and takes over required load on demand. This indigenous setup ensures uninterruptible power during the event.

In addition, on-site support is always guaranteed, where we had two technicians on the ground.

With only 16 hours to get power up and running, our team had a tight timeline to fulfil. Power distribution is always critical for concerts given the expansive area of the venue - a total of 4km of power cables were laid meticulously in the arena by our operations team in a matter of hours, a testament to our efficient project delivery.

The Aggreko Difference

We can light the way to create unforgettable moments

The impact

Powering an unforgettable experience for fans


55,000 screaming, ecstatic fans, four enthusiastic performers, 2.5 hours of top-quality, audio-visual wizardry and a night to remember for years to come.

A flawless concert delivery of the highest standards made possible by the stable supply of quality power with frequency tolerances behind the scenes, charging the hundreds of audio-visual equipment pieces emitting the lights and sound that were crucial for the unforgettable experience.

The expert delivery of power also helped maintain and boost our customer’s reputation in the region as the leading concert producer for Asia through yet another successful concert delivery for a global artist.

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