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Client Qatar Cultural & Heritage Events Centre

Location Al Saad, Doha, Qatar

Sectors Events


Providing power and cooling to a massive outdoor event set over 120,000 m2 area for a period of 14 days

Qatar National Day celebrations, hosted by the Qatar National Day Committee, is a high-profile event – that sees the entire nation come together to celebrate the country’s heritage, culture and the spirit of unity.

To successfully deliver an event of this scale, the customer needed a turnkey solutions provider to power and cool the entire outdoor site, set over a vast 120,000 m2 area.

The site consisted of outdoor activations as well as over 40 temporary structures, stages, food booths and compound areas, all of which required power and cooling. A complete power grid needed to be installed across the event site, located at Darb Al Saai.

We would be able to power and cool the site, however the customer needed a partner that could confidently support changes, should the site requirements evolve. Having worked with Aggreko on various events since 2013, they were confident because of our track record of success that this was achievable.

But it was not going to be an easy task to provide power and cooling for an event of this magnitude, with a timeframe of only six weeks for installation, logistics had to be perfect.

Mixed with working alongside organisers who had to renovate and repair the event site at the same time, a seamless install had to take place.

Project fact file

10 MW

Of power installed using ten 1250 kVA’s

1,855 TR

Cooling provided

300,000 +



A complete full power and cooling turnkey solution including planning, installation, and operation in a very tight time frame

A market leader in power and temperature control ensured we had a range of units at our disposal to provide the bespoke solution for the event. Our team installed three main power plants across the site with a total power of 10 MW along with systems that could cater to high load demands during the day and provide complete redundancy in case of a machine failure.

In addition to supplying full power to the event, we laid out cables, and provided secondary distribution, as well as installing 600 blocks of household sockets. Add to that, 70 units of cooling for the entire event site – a huge undertaking with vast logistics.

Thanks to our regional staff and support team, during the installation phase alone, we had 15 Aggreko engineers supported by a labour crew of 40, who were locally sourced from our network of manpower suppliers. With a team of Aggreko technicians always present on site, we were well equipped to handle any issues or emergencies that may arise to keep the show going.

Aggreko had been working closely with the organisers, from the initial stage of awarding – to the final stages of installation, providing finer suggestions and alternatives to their designs to make sure everything was perfect from start to finish.


Setting the stage with a complete power and cooling offering

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Effective power delivery with continuous cooling, all with stringent safety requirements in place

The customer was able to transform a mainly unused site to accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors across the 14-day event. Aggreko enabled a festival environment including shows and educational events for the country to come together on a day of huge importance to Qatar, to celebrate their independence.

Aggreko’s range of power and cooling units along with our expert team on hand, allowed the event to take place successfully and bring in an even bigger crowd than the previous year.

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