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Client Large sustainable energy company

Location Canada

Sectors Petrochemical and refining

The challenge

Tank farm dilbit too hot for facility to handle 

Things were hotting up at a large sustainable energy company. Its tank farm facility – which cools and blends hot bitumen to produce diluted bitumen, or dilbit – couldn’t cool the dilbit down enough. Flashing of light end vapours was a big risk.

We were called in to help make sure they could operate safely and avoid losses in revenue. Aggreko engineers set to work scoping out the requirements and designing detailed plans for a long-term cooling system.

Project fact file

4,000 tonnes

Of cooling equipment

6 MW


100 °F

Cooled dilbit

The solution

4,000 tonnes of cooling equipment powered by 6 MW of power 

At the outset, Aggreko was asked to deliver a Process Design Package (PDP). This included project scope, engineering data and simulations to ensure that the final system met their strict criteria. Given the size and longevity of the project, it was a very important first step.

Our recommendations were quickly approved, and we set to work alongside other contractors to make sure that the installation went exactly to plan. All up, we set up 4,000 tonnes of cooling equipment powered by 6 MW of power, which cools up to 192,000 barrels per day of dilbit from 134°F (57°C) to below 100°F (38°C).

the aggreko difference

We find the most efficient way to cool things down, to save time and money.

The impact

With cooling in place, dilbit targets are met 

The Aggreko system was ready within weeks. With just the right amount of cooling and power in place, the diluted bitumen could be cooled to a safe and transportable level. 

It meant that the company could meet its targets of converting the hot bitumen to dilbit, which ultimately kept downstream customers happy. What’s more, by renting the cooling, there was no need for the company to outlay capital expenditure – a great win for the bottom line.

“Aggreko brings together engineers, project managers and contractors to make sure there’s no stone left unturned. We got a fantastic result for this facility.”

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