There’s a need for speed in an emergency

Nothing happens without power, so getting back online quickly can rescue an emergency situation and ensure your business can recover.

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“We were impressed they (Aggreko) had a pedigree of working in these quick ramp-up situations many times before and we definitely benefited from that.” 

Steve Davy CEO ,
Hydro Tasmania

Emergencies can strike at any time, whether due to equipment failure, a natural disaster caused by extreme weather, flood or fire, and they can disrupt your business, escalate your costs and potentially damage your reputation.

Time is of the essence, so partnering with a power supplier with experience, expertise and an extensive network of depots can get you back online quickly and efficiently, wherever you are. Aggreko has more than 50 years in the business and more than 200 locations around the world, which enables us to mobilise quickly. 

Benin’s Energy Ministry wanted 50 MW of diesel power installed in time for potential peak demand at Christmas 2016. 

“Aggreko didn’t hesitate and had 50 MW up and running four days ahead of schedule. We were delighted with their rapid response and the reliability of the project,” said SBEE Commercial and Client Director and Head of Project, Raymond Okpeicha. It was a similar story in Guam in August 2015 when an early morning explosion and fire at a power plant caused the loss of 80 MW of its 436 MW capacity.

The fire coincided with planned overhaul of generators, which, if it went ahead, would result in unacceptable load shedding. Guam Power Authority gave suppliers just 10 days to come up with a proposal to supply 40 MW available within 60 days.

“The CCU selected Aggreko as the company that could provide the solution we needed basically for three areas: they could bring the solution set that we needed fairly quickly, it would be very reliable because it would be 40 1 MW units instead of one big 40 MW unit and it could run on the existing fuel source that we already had in place,” said Joseph T Duenes, Chairman of Guam Consolidated Commission of Utilities.

And when Tasmania faced potential blackouts during a summer drought that left dams with low water that could have damaged generators at the hydro power plant, together with a fault on the Basslink undersea power cable from mainland Australia, they called in Aggreko to provide fleet at short notice. We immediately mobilised 24 MW, and eventually supplied 200 MW of diesel-generated power to make up 12 per cent of the island’s needs. 

“It was clear to us that Aggreko had the capability to do it. We were impressed they had a pedigree of working in these quick ramp-up situations many times before and we definitely benefited from that,” said Steve Davy, CEO of Hydro Tasmania. Nothing functions without power, so getting reliable power up and running quickly after an incident is crucial. 

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