07 May 2018

Powering the Dream - Aggreko at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

What went into powering the GC Games

It took 86 employees, 116 generators and 310km of cabling to help make the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games a huge success!

While not quite the same as the imposing mountain peaks and sub-zero temperatures of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, even events at some of the world’s more idyllic locations are not without their challenges – more so when it’s one of the world’s biggest multi-sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games.

Multi-sports competitions are some of the most logistically challenging events to power, particularly when held in one of the largest and hottest countries in the world. With 23 sports each requiring their own unique arena in far-spread venues, Gold Coast 2018 was no exception.

At Aggreko, though, these are the types of challenges that make our work worthwhile.

Thanks to 30 MW of Aggreko power, 4,414 athletes from 71 countries were able compete to take home 825 medals from 17 competition venues throughout Queensland. This ranged from Carrara Stadium and Aquatic Centre in the Gold Coast, to the Velodrome in Brisbane, all the way up to the basketball facilities in Townsville and Cairns over 1,000km away.

Our generators also brought power to a further 17 non-competition venues, including the Athletes’ Village which housed over 6,000 competitors and officials, as well as the International Broadcast Centre, allowing millions around the world to tune in.


From site design and planning – to closing and beyond

While the Games themselves ran from 4 – 15 April, Aggreko’s work Down-under extended far beyond this.

Our strong international team have been on location in the Gold Coast since October 2016, where we worked tirelessly to design the site, power the build and deliver every aspect of the work that brought the Games to life.

Fittingly, it was also our power that raised the curtain on the event for the Opening Ceremony, as well as bringing the Games to an end at the Closing Ceremony.

But the work doesn’t stop there.

An important part of our job in powering these events is ensuring that we leave no trace when they come to an end. That’s why the team will ensure each site is left just as it was originally found, until everything is demobilised in May.

Given the geographical scope of the event, and the fact that we’ve laid enough cable to cover the distance from Sydney to Canberra, this is no mean feat!

It’s with projects this extensive that our specialist remote monitoring system (ARM) comes in handy. ARM gathers and monitors vital information throughout the sites and ensures events can go off without a hitch.

Gold Coast 2018 has been a real privilege to be a part of. These events allow thousands of athletes to compete on an international stage, plus millions around the world to appreciate their talent. Although a lot of work goes into that two-week period of competition, our partnership with these events goes far beyond this, and we’re proud to have played our part at every stage.