29 Nov 2018

Backup Cooling for Summer

Summer cooling

Summertime in Australia can bring with it temperatures so high that it can melt roads, start fires and suck every drop of moisture from the ground and air. These temperatures can easily reach into the 40s, and occasionally even hit the 50s, sometimes for days on end.

This extreme and prolonged heat puts immense pressure on existing cooling and power infrastructure, for homes and businesses alike, causing shutdowns and catastrophic failures.

Decreased production and downtime as a result of inadequate cooling could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars.

And that’s where we come in.

We can help you create a customised and engineered design that will provide you with enough cooling and power to make it through the summer period without having to worry about system failures that can result from the Australian summer heat.

To ensure you’re operating at maximum efficiency this summer, hire additional cooling to avoid any potential setbacks. 

Our extensive range of cooling products service a wide range of applications from comfort cooling in offices to process cooling in manufacturing plants. 

Meet with your local Aggreko representative today to plan ahead before it's too late. Call 1300 913 419 to set up a meeting.