12 Sep 2019

Aggreko responds to increased demand with new depot in Greater Noida, India

New depot India
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    Daniel Betts
    London, UK

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    London, UK

Aggreko, the world-leading provider of mobile modular power, temperature control and energy services, has opened a new depot in Greater Noida, India, to respond to greater demand for its services in the region.

The 43,600 sq. ft depot will serve the highly industrialised National Capital Region (NCR) and northern states of India. Equipment available from the depot includes mobile and modular power solutions such as generators and load banks, as well as cooling equipment to include cooling towers, chillers, air handlers, heat exchangers, and air conditioners.

The area is home to many multi-national companies operating in the events , manufacturing, mining, and oil & gas sectors. Aggreko will provide power and temperature control equipment to its clients in the New Delhi area and beyond from the new depot.

Shobhit Taneja, General Manager, Aggreko India, said, “Aggreko has been providing multi MW power jobs in India for over a decade, especially in the mining and oil & gas sectors. We have delivered large-scale projects such as 53 MW of early power support to a key refinery in central India, a 32 MW generator for an Aluminium smelter in Eastern India and a 13 MW shutdown power solution for an energy major in western India. With this strategically-located depot close to many of our customer’s headquarters, we are poised to strengthen our relationships with our customers and bolster our position in the region.”

The depot forms part of Aggreko’s growing presence in the Indian subcontinent. It is relocating from a smaller facility at Manesar and is one of four operating depots in the company’s portfolio in India. Aggreko is set to continue to benefit from the Indian government’s emphasis on the domestic manufacturing sector.

Joscha Schmitz, Area General Manager, Asia at Aggreko said, “We’re delighted that our continued growth in India has made it possible to relocate some of our operations to this new, bigger facility in Greater Noida. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our presence in the country, as we deliver efficient, reliable power and temperature control solutions to our customers.”