13 Mar 2018

Batteries for rent - Younicos starts energy storage service

Batteries for hire
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New offering reduces asset investment and technology risk to zero;
customers benefit from combined strengths of Younicos and Aggreko

Berlin, March 13, 2018 – At this week’s Energy Storage Europe conference, Younicos is launching a new “Energy-Storage-as-a-Service” rental offering, allowing customers to meet immediate storage requirements and tap into multiple opportunities in fast-evolving markets – without risk or long-term capital commitment. Customers can choose from a range of containerised solutions, which will be shipped to their site and operated by Younicos.

“This unique offering combines our strengths as an energy storage pioneer with those of our parent, Aggreko, the world leader in specialist mobile power,” said Dan Ibbetson, Managing Director Global Solutions at Aggreko. “More than just a financing tool, our model is a full-service option for those in need of intelligent energy storage. It allows our customers to benefit from the speed, flexibility and versatility of our industry-leading battery solutions, without having to make a long-term commitment.”

Younicos is initially offering rental contracts with a 2- to 4-year minimum duration, but will make available multi-month contracts beginning in 2019. Customers will pay a rental fee, as well as mobilisation and de-mobilisation charges, but will incur no other costs, or risks, to meet their storage requirements.

“This offer is straightforward: zero asset investment and no need for long-term commitment for 100 percent storage. Our users will be able to choose from a range of pre-defined solutions tailored to their specific needs – and based on our 10+ years of global experience,” said Alexander Schönfeldt, Head of EMEA Sales for Younicos. “Whether it’s a developer who wants to tap into balancing market opportunities, or to bridge some time before a larger grid connection can be made, or to simply see what batteries can do before making a commitment, we believe that this offering extends the benefits of energy storage to a new segment of customers who, for one reason or another, value financial flexibility.”

“We know from over 220 MW deployed globally what our systems can do, and the performance benefits are undeniable,” added Schönfeldt. “With storage-as-a-service, energy users no longer need to buy to gain this capability, but can simply rent the kind of energy storage that they need. At the same time, we’re able to offer attractive terms because we can depreciate the asset over multiple deployments.”

Younicos energy-storage-as-a-service systems are now available throughout the world.