19 Nov 2018

Aggreko generators in Kazakhstan

Service engineer fixing generator
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Aggreko generators are a perfect turn-key solution for quick, reliable, and efficient power generation on oil platforms, large gas and oil fields, and in the sector of power production with the use of oil-associated gas. Aggreko generators for the oil and gas sector are delivered in containers and power ranges from 50 kVA to 1,250 kVA. Our 10 years of experience working with oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan and power generating equipment will help you to increase cost effectiveness without capital investments, start #drilling or commission a field ahead of time, increase performance, #cover a shortage of power, ensure uninterruptible #power supply on field extraction facilities, reduce #oil-associated gas utilization costs, and avoid environmental fines. The total capacity of #Aggreko generating equipment and temperature control systems at the #Aggreko base in #Atyrau amounts to #62 MVA. To find out how we can help you,

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